"Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, Niali is a health care facility providing multi-speciality health services to its clientele from the date of its inception. Providing quality health care in respect to the available resources is the sole motto, which is driving this organization towards excellency. The quality health care provided in this rural belt is the only thing greatly acknowledged by its beneficiaries. The dense green environment covering its infrastructure adds feather to its cap. Chittaranjan Sevasadan, Niali provides health care facilities to people in a radius of around 50-60 kms in average. Other than this it is a hope for patients of around seven assembly constituencies. It also serves as a centre to aid many national health programmes. The Nursing Home is a craze for Obstetric & Gynaecological patients as O&G is the only speciality which functions 24x7 without break."

Our Service

Out Patient Department

The out patient clinic functions with services provided by both fulltime & visiting consultants.

  • Physical facilities of OPD:

The OPD functions with 7 OPD rooms equipped to meet the need of speciality. It has a well planned waiting area with enough toilets & drinking water facility for visitors & patients. The waiting area is quite enough ventilated keeping in mind the required standard air changes per hour & comfort of patients.

  • Staffing:

The OPD clinics are staffed enough (with Paramedicals & attendants) to meet the workload while taking care of medical ethics.

In Patient Department

The inpatient department is well planned with nursing stations, as per need. Its layout is designed to help smooth functioning of the department. Keeping in mind the comfort of patients & their attendants.

  • Physical facilities of IPD:-

The IPD has a bed compliment of 11 beds. These beds are divided into:-
1. Patient cabins (single room)-4 individual beds +attendants’ beds.
2. General Ward (A)-3 beds.
3. General Ward (B)-4 beds.
The IPD is ensured to have uninterrupted power & water supply, round the clock. Patient safety & security in the area is also monitored vigorously by both clinical & non-clinical personnel. The IPD has enough open spaces to aid more air changes per hour than the standard; thus helping maintain negligible infection rate. It is also supported with enough toilets & bath rooms as per expected need.

  • Staffing:-

The Resident Medical Officer carries the responsibility of IPD patients. It is staffed enough by paramedical & administrative personnel, other than ward boys, bearers & sweepers to provide comprehensive quality care.

Investigation & Diagnostic Services

The hospital is supported with these investigative/Diagnostic services.

  • Laboratory:-The clinical patho-laboratory conducts almost all basic Serological, Haemotological, Biochemical, Parasitological, etc. tests. For higher degree of Lab services the hospital is tied up with Piramal Diagnostics.
  • Ultrasonography:-The Ultrasonography facility is available 365 days,with O&G Ultrasonography functioning everyday & others as per visiting Radiologists schedule.
  • X-ray:-A X-ray equipment (100MA) is installed to provide round the clock service. One 20MA X-ray equipment is used for bed side radiography.
  • ECG:-The unit also provides echo-cardiography in case of need, both in OPD & IPD areas.


Pharmacy Services

There is an in-house pharmacy to provide supply of drugs, useable, surgical etc to both in-patients & out-patients.

Operation Theatre

textThe Operation theatre is well organized with enough equipments & instruments to support almost all speciality services. The design & layout of OT complex is so as to maintain high degree of asepsis. The standard operating procedure for OT is laid down to aid flawless functioning & high degree of infection control.

Labour Room

The Labour room of the set up is well organized & has two labour beds. As the labour room is a continuous source of income for the set up, it is given enough importance regarding physical facility, staffing, process & equipments other than clinical & ethical requirements.


Canteen Services

The Canteen service is set up to provide healthy diet to the Patients, staffs & visitors. As per the canteen service timing would be open Morning 8:00 AM to Night 9:00 PM.