"Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, Niali is a health care facility providing multi-speciality health services to its clientele from the date of its inception. Providing quality health care in respect to the available resources is the sole motto, which is driving this organization towards excellency. The quality health care provided in this rural belt is the only thing greatly acknowledged by its beneficiaries. The dense green environment covering its infrastructure adds feather to its cap. Chittaranjan Sevasadan, Niali provides health care facilities to people in a radius of around 50-60 kms in average. Other than this it is a hope for patients of around seven assembly constituencies. It also serves as a centre to aid many national health programmes. The Nursing Home is a craze for Obstetric & Gynaecological patients as O&G is the only speciality which functions 24x7 without break."




Our Healthcare centre is located in a rural area which is around 30 kms in distance from Phulnakhara Junction – en route Kakatpur & almost 50 kms away from any major cities (Like Cuttack & Bhubaneswar). As an ethics we are continuously providing secondary level healthcare along with maintaining standard quality in a lowest possible price for the last 28 years. The Government Healthcare centers located in and around this place are mostly providing treatment of primary level only. Very few secondary level Healthcare centers are there but either due to shortage of Specialised Staffs or resources they are not able to provide Secondary level healthcare. Hence, majority of poor & needy patients are forced to avail the treatment at our centre, in odd hours or in emergency even in financial distress. To help these patients avail treatment facilities with just paying the cost of it, the Staffs & the Management have come together to form a ‘POOR PATIENT SUPPORT FUND’.

Started in the year 2012 this fund has already received donations from a number of Organisations, Well wishers, Social Workers, Patients from well to do class, ex-employees of this organisation, etc.

The sum is continuously being used as a support towards the treatment of needy rural patients. From the date of its formation till now it has been used to support the treatment of around 13 numbers of needy patients. The amount (from PPSF) for treatment is issued by the Sanctioning Committee which comprises of socially well accepted personalities from different streams of the community.

Other than this to acknowledge benevolent donors & promote fair operation of the fund, the transactions (Donor’s name with address & Beneficiary patient’s name with address) is published in the annual report of CHITTARANJAN SEVA SADAN & circulated widely.

N.B: Noble Donors may contact us to donate any amount, with genuine proof of donation amount from our side.